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Hymenoplasty, Hymen Repair, Revirginization  or reconstruction of the hymen, is a  reconstructive surgical procedure which aims to reconstruct a hymen  virginity damaged during intercourse and, therefore, the virginity of the patient.

There are no visible traces of the  Hymen operation.

What is a hymen repair,   reconstruction of the hymen surgery ?

Hymen repair surgery in İstanbul  Virginity Reconstructing ; The hymen is most often performed for religious reasons before marriage.

The hymen is a small membrane that closes part of the entrance to the vagina and signals virginity.

Virginitiy It is broken the first time that sexual intercourse occurs ,also sometimes by certain sports.

As it tears during intercourse there can be some pain and, in the majority of cases, bleeding.

You need  Hymen Repair  Surger ? We can do, the best..

Requests for thehymenoplasty  procedure are frequent and the reasons for patients coming to see Doctors İn İstanbul Clinics  are often the same.

The reasons could be :

a patient dealing with the emotional aftermath of a relationship with a man she assumed was her future partner, and she now wishes to regain her former physical state in order to forget and turn the page

a patient from a traditionalist family in which sexual relations before marriage are banned and the custom of nuptial sheets marked with blood after the wedding night still exists. The sign of an intact hymen is therefore a sign of a preserved virginity. The virginity was therefore lost before the encounter with the future husband and the marriage.

The process is often carried out at the last minute before the wedding and can be experienced as shameful by the patient, but it is often the only way for her to preserve this custom.

a patient who suffered a sexual assault, and repairing the hymen is part of the reconstruction process and a way to erase the trauma.

Best And Guarantee Hymen Repair method

If Hymen  reconstruction is indicated, the procedure  performed under sedation anesthesia and lasts approximately 20-30 minutes.

Sutures are put in place to close the hymen or a flap of mucosa is created to make up the hymen.

 Ideally, you should wait a minimum of 3-4 weeks before having intercourse to be sure that the threads are absorbed, that you can no longer feel them, and that the hymen is very solid.

The Virginity  operation is not particularly painful afterwards. You just have to avoid baths, swimming pools, physical sports, strong vibrations and touching the interior of the vagina.

In most hymen repair revirginization  cases, sexual intercourse will be quite normal just like the first time, with resistance during penetration, and the feeling of rupture of the hymen and bleeding occurring in 99% of cases.

How is a hymen repair (revirginization) or hymen reconstruction operation performed in İstanbul Turkey Clinics and Hospitals?

The first step is to consult a ENGLİSH SPEAKİNG  gynecologist  who will explain the procedure and prices to you. The operation is not covered by the social security system. The price of Hymen Repair Virginity recınstruction surgery is 1500-2000 USD

Permanent Type Hymen Repair İn İstanbul Turkey

Best And Top Hymen Repaie Surgeons Doctors

The hymen operation itself consists in suturing the hymen and closing it from the remains that are left.

The hymen remains are sometimes insufficient to allow reconstruction of the hymen and another technique is then possible. T

The repair is solid and lasts over time.

The threads are very thin, almost invisible and are absorbable   and the threads they fall out by themselves after about 15-20 days. There is no visible scar.

The operation is around 30 minutes , and no hospitalization is necessary .

You arrive in the morning and leave in the evening . The anesthesia is sedation and you go to sleep but very short and light.

After the Hymen Repair  operation

After the repair surgery pain is limited and lasts a few days, walking is possible  and there is no need for a dressing and a simple protection strip in the underwear is enough.

An analgesic  paracetamol is sufficient to calm the pain in the majority of cases.

You will need after the procedure  to rest for 1- 2 days after the operation, wait 3 weeks before playing sports or swimming again and 3 weeks before having sex.

You will be normally bleeding during sexual intercuse

The reconstructed hymen, virginity  is similar to a virgin hymen and will normally bleed during intercourse.

No one can have access to your medical file except you.

Can there be any complications?

Complications are  very very rare. To avoid problems with scarring of the hymen, it is important to stop smoking a month before the virginity  hymen is rebuilt.

What is the price of a hymen repair surgery in Turkey İstanbul Antalya İzmir Ankara Clinics and Hopitals

Best Hymen Repair Price İn Turkey  İstabul : The price depends on the technique used and will be indicated to you by Doctors istanbul during consultation. The price starts from 1500 USD.

No one can have access to your medical file about  your revirginization surgery   except you.


Hymen Repair Operation FAQs

Before the hymen repair:

Same day consultations with the best ant top hymen repair surgeon İn Turkey İstanbul. Absolute medical confidentiality ,no disclosure of your file.

Hymen Repair Operation

Outpatient, no hospitalization necessary ,entry in the morning, exit in the evening

 Sedation or local anesthesia, Totally painles

No aspirin  to be taken before the  virgin operation. Smoking is to be avoided.

Duration of the  hymenoplasty operation: 20- 30 minutes

Hymenoplasty area ,No visible scar  

After the hymen repair Procedure

Rest 1 to 2 days

Good hygiene after going to the toilet is important

Underwear protection in case of light bleeding

Same day walking is possible

No sutures to remove

Moderate pain for a 1-2 days

No sport for 3 weeks

Wait 4 weeks to have sex

Hymen Repair Surgery Confidentiality

If you are seeking the Hymen Repair  procedure for religious or cultural beliefs, with absolute discretion and confidentiality, we can repair the hymen to ensure the hymen will rupture on your matrimonial night.

Hymen repair surgery can make you feel more comfortable upon your wedding night and improve your self-confidence.

Everything that will be discussed during the consultation is subject to medical confidentiality.  No one can consult your file or access any information regarding the consultation except you.