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Vaginoplasty  Best Doctors,Clinics and Hospitals  in İstanbul Turkey ( Ankara, Antalya, İzmir)

Vaginoplasty Cost in Turkey İstanbul

Vaginoplasty is a surgical operation that involves the reconstruction of the vagina or the construction of a new vagina.
 Vaginoplasty surgery in İstanbul  is performed to tighten the vagina or reshape its opening.
Vaginoplasty /  genitoplasty surgically tightens or repairs vaginal musculature and the loose or redundant mucosa on the posterior wall of the vagina is removed.
An alternative to vaginoplasty surgery İn Turkey Clinics  is using laser therapy to induce thermal tightening of the internal vaginal lining. And patients suffering from severe vaginal laxity may not significantly benefit from this technique and will realize more effective results with a surgical vaginoplasty.

Labiaplasty surgrey  is another type of genitoplasty that involves surgery of the skin folds, labia majora, and labia minora, surrounding the vaginal introitus. This surgery may be performed alone but is often performed in addition to a vaginoplasty to achieve an aesthetically appealing genital area.

Vaginoplasty, What is the purpose?.

Physical ; The main requirement of most patients coming for vaginoplasty surgery is for enhancement, increment, or restoration of sexual function and pleasure.

Psychological; A healthy sexual life and satisfaction with the appearance of one’s vaginal area are closely associated with emotional health and confidence in women. Vaginoplasty surgery thus helps women feel confident and empowered in their sexual life.

Benefits of Vaginoplasty ;Increased Vaginal Firmness and Strength , Vaginoplasty helps restore the normal anatomy of the vaginal structures and prevents many complications such as urinary incontinence, and prolapse of tissue from the vaginal orifice.

Vaginoplasty  Surgery Recovery Time  ;You can expect to take 1-2 weeks to recover completely from  vaginoplasty surgery.
For the first few days  you may experience mild to moderate pain in the vaginal area.
Sexual Intercourse should be avoided for 8 weeks post-operatively.
You should be up and walking the same day  of surgery.

Vaginoplasty Results , Best ; Results of vaginoplasty are noted almost immediately after surgery and the final results will be fully noticeable a couple of months after surgery.
You can usually resume sexual activity within 6-8 weeks after surgery.

Cost for Vaginoplasty İn İstanbul Turkey Clinics, Cheap and best prices;  Cost of vaginoplasty surgery  in Turkey itself, other considerations are necessary before and after the procedure and the cost of these should be noted.
The average cost for vaginoplasty surgery is approximately $2,000 - $3,000 .However additional charges may be incurred for additional concurrent procedures including labiaplasty,  Hymenoplasty etc.

Health insurance plans do not cover the cost of aesthetic vaginoplasty procedures in İstanbul Turkey Clinics

Best  and Top Vaginoplasty Doctors İn İstanbul Turkey

Vaginoplasty can also be performed as an adjunct to other corrective surgeries such  hymenoplasty, labiaplasty operation.

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